This type of complementary services can be done for each of the produced bags in a simple or rotating manner according to the customer’s request. Simple gauze bags are more resistant to rotating gauzes, and instead rotating gauzes are more beautiful because of printing brands on both sides (gauze part) for our tasteful customers.

Our printing services can be done for up to 6 colors and in any required design from customers in single or double sides.

The bags are cut to the length desired by the customer, depending on the final use of the bags, in two types of hot and cold. The hot cut is usually for simple bags, the edge of which is concave, and the cold cut is for multi-layered bags, where the edge is linear.

The bags are produced as single or double stitching (for more strength), the length of which is determined by the customer according to the weight and type of packaging.

Complementary perforation services are done to provide more air flow according to the customer’s request and the type of packaging.

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