Poly-Composite BOPP (containing pearly and transparent) :

These multilayer polypropylene films processed in two directions and therefore having high dimensional and thermal stability are known in the industry as BOPP.
If these films are colored in milky color are known as pearly and if not they are known as BOPP.
These BOPP composite rolls consist of three layers, the inner layer of woven polypropylene and the middle layer of a blended film of polypropylene and polyethylene and the outer layer is made of oriented Pearly and transparent polypropylene. These rolls are cut in different lengths (cold cut) according to the customer’s request.
Printing services can be customized in 6 colors and different designs in a single or even pairs and there rolls have the ability to be printed in 360 degree format.
Product uses:
The Poly Composite BOPP rolls can used for any type of packing that must be protected from moisture or light, for example:
Packaging of nuts
All kinds of powder products
All kinds of minerals and chemicals
Packing all kinds of colored and mineral master batches
Livestock, poultry and aquatic feed

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